Business process

Our business process is designed to cut down on extra management layers. The four pillars of our
business process are:


Our Intranet, TeNet ™ is the single repository of all Tenon knowledge and procedures. Our employees are able to quickly access and share best practices (including documents, strategy studies, white papers, cost saving analysis, disposition documents, etc.), research and other information across account teams, geographic regions and business lines wherever they are located.

TeNet ™ continually reinforces our ability to collaborate, innovate, and refine our services and business processes for our clients. Our Facility Manager has access to TeNet ™ Intranet and will drive the knowledge in the form of best practice across the sites.


Tenon offers you a seamless platform for fully integrated service delivery across the build-and-operate spectrum. The efficiency of having one completely accountable service partner from the project stage till the operation stage gives you the benefits of efficient, swift, low risk transitions; and the advantage of having a common service delivery culture that you are comfortable with.



Tenon’s commitment to enhanced customer services is driven through innovation, quality and compliance platform – TAG (Technical Advisory Group).

TAG specializes in developing and implementing high quality standard processes, procedures and reporting based on our previous experience; and focuses on best practices implementation, innovation and knowledge management. It acts as a repository of best practices and consists of specialists from various disciplines such as engineering, projects, operations & risk, compliance, supply chain management and learning and development under a single platform.
TAG is also responsible for conducting audits to ensure compliance with statutory legislation and operations procedures. Our aim is to help you build a holistic process for Projects and Facility Management integration.


Our sustainability initiatives are directed to promote a culture of reduce/reuse/recycle by innovative thinking.

Our engineering resources possess all the necessary skills to support you when creating facilities which conform to global trends in environmental sustainability. Our operations focus on driving sustainability initiatives throughout the asset life cycle.
With our knowledge of sustainability-promoting materials, we can advise you on the right product mix and green ratings requirements that will enable you to manage energy, efficiently. Besides, our Integrated Facility Management teams are experts in energy management initiatives and ensure that your facility retains an edge in sustainability.

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