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M&E Facilities Services

In the rapidly changing business realm, organisations need to focus on their core operations. The focused attention is achieved when organisations operate in a safe and efficient workplace and all their assets and systems are maintained well. When it comes to making a workplace safer, efficient, and compliant, our Mechanical & Engineering facilities services (or hard facilities management services) take the centre stage.

Our M&E Facilities services are delivered through our wholly-owned subsidiary – Rotopower. With our well-trained engineers and technical professionals, we support businesses in the endeavour to increase building efficiencies with reduced downtime and costs.

Take a leap towards smart facilities with our tech-enabled solutions

CSM involves practicing managing complex and highly important systems found in data centres, hospitals and other such facilities. This involves managing of physical assets and infrastructural maintenance.
HVAC which stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning refers to the technology and system used for regulating indoor temperature, humidity, and air quality in buildings.
Tenon FM believes in prioritising safety and security, we have taken measures to ensure fire safety and installed safety systems and equipment’s at facilities including fire alarms, sprinkles, fire extinguishers and more.

We as an organisation provide maintenance facilities at construction and other project sites and help manage the project with efficiency and effectiveness. We ensure supply of our high end equipment’s with the holistic approach of technology along with our team of experts.

Asset Management Contract is designed to help organizations and clients to manage assets effectively and provide services asset monitoring, maintenance and optimization and also assist regulatory compliance leading to increase in efficiency, reduction in downtime and improvement in profitability.
Tenon FM provides its top notch services to optimizing utility services to building and facilities including managing water, gas, electricity and other necessity utilities which in turn ensure waste reduction and cost efficiency.
An energy audit is an inspection, survey, and analysis of energy flows in a building or facility, with the aim of identifying energy-saving opportunities and optimizing energy consumption. It is an important aspect of facility management as it helps reduce energy costs and improve energy efficiency, leading to significant cost savings and environmental benefits.
Mechanical and electrical consultancy is a service provided by experts in the field of building services engineering. They offer advice and solutions on the design, installation, and maintenance of mechanical and electrical systems in buildings. This is an important aspect of facility management as it ensures the efficient and effective operation of building services, leading to improved comfort and productivity for occupants.