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Facility Support Services

Building upon the experience of 28 years of our Group, we provide professional support to the client organisations to accomplish their non-core yet critical day-to-day activities in a comfortable atmosphere. With an innovative approach, we help create a high-functioning and trouble-free working environment for all the personnel through efficient resource planning and utilisation.

Our team brings with it significant and unmatched domain expertise, in-depth knowledge of the systems and vast experience. Our well-trained professional staff undergo rigorous training processes, allowing them to work efficiently using a proven program management approach.

Stay focused on your priorities with our comprehensive support services

Tenon FM ensures managing a company’s bills, invoices and ensure payments are made timely and accurately. Effective management of both accounts payable and facility assets is critical for the success of any business.

MIS reporting in facility management refers to the process of generating reports and insights into the performance of facility management operations. MIS reporting allows facility managers to identify areas for improvement, make informed decisions, and optimize resources to ensure efficient and effective facility management.

Payroll management in facility management involves managing the salaries, wages, bonuses, and deductions of employees within the organization including calculating and processing payments, maintaining accurate records, and complying with relevant tax and labour laws.

Tenon FM ensure complying with local, state, and federal regulations and safety standards including compliance with fire, safety and federal regulation. This helps in preventing legal and financial penalties and ensure safety and wellbeing of occupants.
Mail room management involves the handling, sorting, and distribution of mail within an organization. Ensuring timely delivery to the intended recipients maintaining accurate and managing incoming and outgoing mail. Effective mail room management is critical for ensuring smooth communication and information flow within the organization.

Procurement involves acquiring goods and services for facilities which further includes identifying needs and demands, shortlisting vendors, negotiating deals and managing inventory, Effective procurement ensure facilities have necessary supplies and equipment and maintain quality standards.

Tenon FM provides Space Planning which involves analysing and designing the optimal use of physical space in a facility. We ensure determining space requirements, planning layouts and allocating space for specific functions and activities.

Tenon FM oversees the Ground Transportation involving overseeing operation and maintenance of facilities and managing logistics and ensuring safe and secured coordination.