For Complete Protection Against COVID-19

Sanitisation Services

Tenon FM offers a complete range of workplace hygiene and sanitisation solutions against highly contagious diseases such as COVID-19 through its subsidiary, Tenon Prime. Tenon Prime is India’s first online platform that offers end-to-end specialised cleaning services for commercial and residential premises. It works on a tech-enabled model providing customers with easy access to our cleaning experts. Since the initial outbreak of COVID-19, Tenon Prime has been offering on-demand cleaning, disinfection, and sanitisation services to Government Authorities, Hospitals, Private Businesses, and other key stakeholders.

Through Tenon Prime, Tenon FM empowers customers to get back to work safely and efficiently by providing them with a decontaminated environment and protected workplace. With the addition of this new product line, we continue to strengthen world’s collective fight against COVID-19.

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Covid Safety Solutions

FM Services on Wheels

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