For Employee Safety

Soft Facilities Management Services

Studies have shown that well-maintained facilities lead to improved employee productivity and wellbeing. At Tenon FM, our 17000+ facilities management professionals help organisations build healthy and safe work environments. Each workplace design has a unique set of requirements, depending upon its location, occupancy density and nature of the business.

As we strongly believe that no one size fits all, we offer customised soft facilities management services which are suitably powered with technology and analytics to fulfil the complex needs of an organization.

Boost employee efficiency and productivity with our custom solutions

We provide our client’s with housekeeping services wherein our team of experts ensure safe and healthy environment. This service includes cleaning, disinfecting and waste management among many.

Front Office FM Services provided by Tenon FM encompasses range of services which are bespoke to ensuring smooth operation of front offices including customer services, reception services including maintenance, cleaning, security and access control.
Tenon FM believes Pest Control and Landscaping are the critical aspects for any IFM organisation. Our experienced teams carries our pest control measures such as inspection, treatment and prevention and also ensure the safety and wellbeing of our clients. We believe landscaping enhances aesthetic appeal and can contribute to a positive working environment.

This service ensures a thorough cleaning of facilities on one time basis. We ensure custom made cleaning of facilities which includes deep cleaning, sanitization and removal of debris or hazardous materials.

Stores and Inventory Management is a critical aspect of facility management which involves tracking and managing supplies and equipment’s and also includes inventory control, stock replenishment, and management of storage and distribution systems etc.